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 Important notice - Rail Products

Due to security reasons all travelers first and last name as per their passport should be meantion when booking any Rail tours. 
Important information Melrin Products

This is a reminder that Merlin will no longer accpet any handwritten vouchers from our Ticket Books or any voucher from any other company that does not have a designated time slot or Merlin QR code.
Please click here to view product codes when booking Merlin Products

Experience a Royal Summer with Golden Tours 

Click here for more information. 

 Westminster Abbey Closures for special services -May and June 2019

Please Note timings for 2019:

Monday to Friday: Due to daily service there will be no entry between 12:00pm to 1:00pm. However, visitors already in the Abbey do not need to leave during this time.


Friday 3 May - open from 14.00-15.30

Saturday 4 May -closed all day  

Tuesday 14 May- open from 9.30-13.00

Wednesday 15 May- open 14.00-15.30 - only open for 1.5 hours

Friday 17 May open from 14.00-15.30- only open for 1.5 hours

Tuesday 21 May open from 12.30-15.30

Thursday 23 May open from 14.00-15.30- only open for 1.5 hours


Monday 3  June-closed all day 

Thursday 20 June, open from 1400-1530 - only open for 1.5 hours

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